Pilot Tagging Workshop 20 to 25 April n Gran Canaria

2015_Apr_24_Boat Tagging day 3_Jo Barker (120)



Eva Meyers (Angel Shark Project / ZFMK)

Joanna Barker (Angel Shark Project / ZSL)

Stuart Hetherington (Cefas)

David Jimenez (Angel Shark Project /ULPGC)

Jacobo Marrero (Asociación Tonina)

Fran Otero (ULPGC)

Domingo Arbelo (Pozo Scuba)

Ricardo Haroun (ULPGC / POSEIDON)

Jose Juan Castro (ULPGC / POSEIDON)

Yaiza Fernandez Palacios (ULPGC / POSEIDON)


2014 Annual Scientific Conference of the European Elasmobranch Association (EEA)

EEA 2014

This year, the Angel Shark Project was present at the 2014 EEA Conference in Leeuwarden, Netherlands.

The three-day conference included theme sessions on policy making, restoration measures, integrated management, husbandry and captive management, tagging and other subjects.

The Angel Shark Project was presented by the project´s principal investigator Eva Meyers and the ZSL Project Manager Joanna Barker.

Eva Meyers @EEA2014
Eva Meyers @EEA2014

Eva Meyers talked about the preliminary results of the project . ” We have successfully involved the recreational SCUBA diving community in the Canary Islands to register Angel Shark sightings using an online database tool ePOSEIDON“.  The project has gathered vital ecological data on the distribution, habitat use and population structure of Angel Sharks in the Canary Islands. Aggregations sites and 2 nursery grounds were also identified and are being studied in detail.

Joanna Barker @ EEA2014
Joanna Barker @ EEA2014

Joanna Barker underlined that the combined effect of an expanding sport fishing community, the wide-spread use of bottom fishing techniques and the use of lethal handling techniques is having an adverse impact upon the Angel Shark. ZSL has recently been awarded funding to work side by side with the sport fishing community to reduce sport fishing-related Angel Shark mortality.

EEA 2014
EEA 2014

We thank the EEA organizing team for inviting us and all delegates for making this event a success!


Angel Shark Project at the IMCC 3 

Screen shot 2014-08-16 at 6.18.17 PM

This year our collaborator from the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) , will present the Angel Shark Project at the International Marine Conservation Congress in Glasgow, Scotland.

This monday at 4:30 pm, Joanna Barker (ZSL) will talk about preliminary results of the project and future work with Programa Poseidon. 

You can follow the social media conversation : @IMCC2014


Today #Angesharkproject visited Club Nautico El Burrero in Gran Canaria.


The morning started cloudy but still 20 people went into the water, some did their first dive “bautizo” and others collected #marine debris form the water. Afterwards #angelsharkproject and #Poseidon Program was introduced in an informative talk about the conservation status of #Angelsharks and the importance of this species in the Canary Islands.

At first I was faced with confusing faces, people and divers in the Canary Islands see Angel Sharks regularly almost in every dive, depending on the dive spot. “It is not uncommon to see an angel shark” said one diver. However, Squatina squatina is locally extinct in almost its entire distributional range. This species seems to have restricted its distribution to the Canary Islands. It is speculated that it might be a separate population from the one along the african and european range.  There is still much to investigate and find out about the spatial and temporal distribution of this species. So far, there is hardly anything known about the biology, reproduction and even less about the total population abundance. What is evident is that the Canary Islands are unique and extremely important for the conservation of angel sharks. Here we can find them in every island any time of the year. There seems to be a correlation between the water temperature an the migration patterns of the species within the islands, however, there is still much data lacking to truly confirm this.

Not only the IUCN Redlist has recognized the critical state of this species (Critically endangered) but also some local organizations are pretty active here. For example there is Alianza Tiburones Canarias that has recognized the importance of shark conservation in the Canary Islands and is trying to enforce the european law and stop activities such as sport fishing that might threaten the conservation status of species such as Squatina squatina.

Atiracan, another organization, is collecting signatures for a petition to make the Canary Islands a Shark and Ray Sanctuary. We had the pleasure to listen to their proposals regarding shark conservation and sign their petitions to the government.

Finally the event ended with a delicious Paella made by Victor, the director of Club Nautico El Burrero. It was a great day and I’m happy that I met so many motivated divers that are willing to support Angel Shark Project.

Thank you for this great day!




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