Global Strategy for the Conservation of Sharks and Rays (2015–2025)

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The Strategy

Our partners IUCN SSG and The Shark Trust together with other international NGO´s have partnered up to develop a Global Strategy for the Conservation of Sharks and Rays (2015–2025). 

This strategy sets out global priorities for shark and ray conservation as a comprehensive set of actions at different levels aimed at:

• Saving Shark and Ray Species;
• Managing Shark and Ray Fisheries for Sustainability;
• Ensuring Responsible Trade in Shark and Ray Products;
• Encouraging Responsible Consumption of Shark and Ray Products.

Angel Sharks

The Angel Shark (Squatina squatina) features the front page of this global strategy for a good reason.

As part of the 2025 Saving Speciesl Goal, the Strategy highlights angel sharks (Family Squatinidae) as priority species together with sawfishes (Family Pristidae), guitarfishes (Family Rhinobatidae), and wedgefishes (Family Rhyncobatidae).

Plan of Action

“…Interventions are grouped around three components: ensuring strict national protection for endangered species; ensuring that multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs) and marine protected areas (MPAs) effectively address the species that fall under their remit and generate positive outcomes for shark and ray species more generally; and gathering and analyzing data.

“…Actions focus on halting population declines and initiating recovery through strict national protections of the most endangered species in priority regions…”

Download the Global Strategy for the Conservation of Sharks and Rays (2015–2025). 

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