Vote 4 Angels !! EOCA 2015:

Angel Shark Conservation, Canary Islands

Vote HERE for the critically endangered angel shark, Squatina squatina. 

This year we have the opportunity to win funding from the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) which would help us expand our angel shark project. But we need your vote!!! 

Vote until 23 March 2015 !!!


The Angel Shark (Squatina squatina) has suffered a tremendous fragmentation of it’s former distribution range, from Scandinavia down to the north-western Africa and including the Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea and The Canary Islands.

In the past decades, overfishing and high by-catches have severely depleted and fragmented these populations which has lead the World Conservation Union to list this species as “Critically Endangered” in their Red List of threatened species in 2006.

Urgent conservation policies and proper management require baseline data on the species ecology and distribution. The Canary Islands are the unique “hotspot” in the world where Angel Sharks have kept possibly stable populations.

Project: Angel Shark Conservation

This project will work closely with the sportfishing community in Lanzorote, distributing a best practice guide to catch and release, training them to minimise handling time, stress and damage to any angel sharks they accidently encounter during their routine fishing activities. The project will also work with thousands of divers, training them to become effective citizen scientists, abiding by an angel shark code of conduct, and inspiring them to actively help conservation by submitting angel shark sightings to the ePOSEIDON database. Combined the records from the sport fishing and diving communities will reveal previously unknown ecological data on the distribution and abundance of this secretive species. This will be used to identify critical angel shark habitats and formulate the basis of a robust and evidence-based angel shark conservation strategy thus ensuring the survival of the angel shark in Europe.

Help us spread the word using the hashtag #vote4angels.

For more information:


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