2014 Annual Scientific Conference of the European Elasmobranch Association (EEA)

2014 Annual Scientific Conference of the European Elasmobranch Association (EEA)

EEA 2014

This year, the Angel Shark Project was present at the 2014 EEA Conference in Leeuwarden, Netherlands.

The three-day conference included theme sessions on policy making, restoration measures, integrated management, husbandry and captive management, tagging and other subjects.

The Angel Shark Project was presented by the project´s principal investigator Eva Meyers and the ZSL Project Manager Joanna Barker.

Eva Meyers @EEA2014
Eva Meyers @EEA2014

Eva Meyers talked about the preliminary results of the project . ” We have successfully involved the recreational SCUBA diving community in the Canary Islands to register Angel Shark sightings using an online database tool ePOSEIDON“.  The project has gathered vital ecological data on the distribution, habitat use and population structure of Angel Sharks in the Canary Islands. Aggregations sites and 2 nursery grounds were also identified and are being studied in detail.

Joanna Barker @ EEA2014
Joanna Barker @ EEA2014

Joanna Barker underlined that the combined effect of an expanding sport fishing community, the wide-spread use of bottom fishing techniques and the use of lethal handling techniques is having an adverse impact upon the Angel Shark. ZSL has recently been awarded funding to work side by side with the sport fishing community to reduce sport fishing-related Angel Shark mortality.

EEA 2014
EEA 2014

We thank the EEA organizing team for inviting us and all delegates for making this event a success!

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