Visiting El Hierro

There are no Angel Sharks in el Hierro?

El Hierro

It is assumed that due to the differences in temperature in the western part of the Canary Islands and the rocky sea floor, that there are no Angel Sharks around El Hierro, La Palma and La Gomera. This gradient of distribution has already been observed in other fish species, that prefer either warmer or cooler temperatures and are therefore limited to certain islands.  However, my last week’s trip to El Hierro proved this theory wrong. At least part of it.

In fact we have had a sighting in El Hierro registered on the database before, by Extra Divers El Hierro. The objective of last week’s trip was to validate and confirm this sighting and additionally to find out if there are suitable habitats for Angel Sharks around El Hierro.

Arrecifal El Hierro

We were invited by Arrecifal diving center to dive and explore the seafloor.

Even though we were not lucky enough to see Angel Sharks ( as usual if you are really keen on finding them… ) we did identify areas that could be suitable, including the area where the sighting was reported.

Actually, the diving center that came after us, saw an Angel Shark in the same spot we were diving before.

This clearly confirms, that there are Angel Sharks around El Hierro’s waters and possibly also in la Gomera and la Palma.

El Hierro diving

Thanks to the crew of Arrecifal Diving Center for this great day!

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