Angels spotted in the north of Gran Canaria

Sardina, Tony

Yesterday, 29.04.2014 we went out to see some Angel Sharks at “Sardina del Norte”.We had the privilege to meet two beautiful individuals buried down in the sand and resting. These  masters of camouflage are very hard to find once they have buried their entire body into the sand or mud with no more than their eyes being exposed. They have a particular pigmentation pattern which makes them very hard to distinguish from each other. However, with a closer look it is possible to distinguish individuals considering characteristic spots and intensity of pigmentation. Additionally they have adapted just perfectly to their surrounding habitat.

Check out the next picture and see if you can spot an angel shark.


Seen it ?



This was the beautiful 1.2 m large angel shark that was buried in the sand at a depth of 13 m …

Sardina, Tony 3

… and gently swimming away from us leaving us breathless.

Sardina, Tony 2

“Sardina del Norte” is a famous diving spot in the north of Gran Canaria. Many divers and diving schools come here to dive and to see angel sharks. “If you want to spot an angel shark, this is the place to go”, they say. You can find a variety of habitats in the water , rock formations and a lot of sand. Apparently angel sharks like to rest in the sand close to rocks. The second individual we found was again buried in the sand, facing the rocks surrounding it at a depth of only 5m. This shark had a size of approximately 80 cm. Our presence did not even bother him! After we had observed him for a few minutes he raised his head showing us his mouth, probably warning us to go away, which is what we did.


Finally we also counted 5 different marks where angel sharks were previously resting. This shows us how many sharks can frequent this area and i’m sure there are many more somewhere hidden in the sand.


Key facts

Locality: Sardina del Norte      Water temperature: 18 º C

Date : 29.04.2014                            Time: 11 am

Number of Individuals: 2         Size:  120 cm and 80 cm

Depth of sightings: First at 13 m and second at 5 m

Duration of dive: 75 minutes

Observations: Sex undefined, animals were resting buried in the sand

All these amazing pictures where taken by Tony Sanchez who also has the talent to spot sharks nobody else sees.

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